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[Live] Paige was attacked by Drunk Man with Knife

WWE women's British wrestler Paige was involved in the altercation involving boyfriend Alberto Del Rio outside of a Florida restaurant with a homeless man, the altercation took place outside of the restaurant Alberto Del Rio and Paige were dining at where are homeless inebriated drunk man attacked Alberto Del Rio stabbing him in the head and cutting Del Rio's arm with multiple lacerations.

 Paige got involved when the homeless man was fighting with Alberto Del Rio causing causing her being a part of The Fray as the attacker fighting Del Rio also attacked Paige, as he pushed the WWE women's wrestler to the ground during the fight Backpage fortunately was not injured from this altercation. The attacker continued scuffling with Alberto Del Rio before running away from the fight scene. Alberto Del Rio stood by Paige instead of chasing after his attacker.

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